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When your landlord has not returned your security deposit on your rental unit and the legal timeframe has elapsed this is the letter you need. Demand your security deposit be returned with the law and with a professionally written letter. Download, complete, mail. Done! Just choose your state below to respond to your landlord and inform them that you know your legal rights.

This Deposit Demand Sample Letter Includes:

A professionally written letter including the security deposit law in your state and the most effective language to demand your security deposit be returned according to the law. Enter your specific dates, security deposit amount, and forwarding address.

  • The specific security deposit law for your state
    • Timeframe landlord had to return the security deposit
    • Legal requirements now that timeframe has passed
    • Liability now that timeframe has passed
  • Instructions & Tooltips explaining each field
  • Interactive functionality
  • Quick & easy field entry
  • Adjust text for single or multiple tenants
  • Instant download
  • Use anytime, it’s yours

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cost $9.00

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pdf image This letter is an interactive PDF and is opened with the Free Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is FREE and usually pre-installed on computers. If not installed, it just takes a minute to set up: Adobe Reader >
The map below shows the states we currently have letters for as of August 2013. Use the links below to select your state’s Security Demand Return Letter. We’re working to have security demand letters for all states in just a few months.

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