Your Mortgage Statement

Your Mortgage Statement contains important information regarding your loan

Your mortgage statement is the document prepared by the servicer of your mortgage and shows your loan number, current balance, current interest rate, amount remaining on the mortgage term, amortization or loan term and your contact details (some statements may not provide all of this information). Some also provide payment history from the last issuance date. The mortgage statement is provided to the borrower monthly, and can be provided to the borrower upon request. Many borrowers in foreclosure or behind cease receiving these so it is a good idea to call the bank and request one.

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Why do I Need My Mortgage Loan Statement?

The reason you need your mortgage statement is because it contains information regarding your loan which you may need on your application for a loan modification. This is the statement you receive every month from your bank. It will generally give you the principal balance on your loan, the loan number, interest rate, remaining term, your monthly mortgage payment and the amount you pay in monthly escrows. While not all of this information is provided on all borrowers mortgage statements there is always at least a loan number, name of servicer, mortgage payment and principal loan amount all of which are needed to apply for a loan modification.

Do You Have Your Mortgage Statement?

It is hard to believe but many borrowers actually do not have a recent mortgage statement. One reason for this is that they may have stopped paying quite a while ago and are now in foreclosure so the banks no longer sends them out. You can usually call the bank and ask for most of this information but the best source is a mortgage statement.

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