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The HomeTitan Written Letter To Renew Lease

When you need to extend your lease writing a letter is considered the best practice and a standard procedure for making this request to your landlord, whether it’s required in the original lease agreement or not. Extending your lease beyond the expiration of its term is not always as easy as it sounds. It may require a new lease to be signed, which is sometimes in your best interest. A written record of both parties agreement to extend the lease term is a good idea for several reasons.

  • When dates, extension lengths, reasons, and other important details are being conveyed it’s best to have them extended in a manner that provides you with the most protection for any unforeseen circumstance
  • When written with care and with the proper formality you can avoid future problems or misunderstandings

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Lease Extension Issues To Consider

Avoiding Unforeseen Lease Extension Issues

The first thing you need to do is check your current lease for any information that may pertain to a lease extension. If you and your landlord agree to an extension with the same rent and on a month to month basis be sure to also read every provision of your lease (sometimes a landlord will not provide a lease for a month to month tenant because that tenancy is implied under the law for tenants without leases). One thing to be concerned about if you do not get an extension and stay in the premises is that during “holdover” periods, months when a tenant remains after the formal lease duration has ended, landlords sometimes add a provision that states tenants must pay a certain percentage of the base rent, as high as 200%.

This basically doubles your rent, and your landlord is under no obligation to tell you this, and may decide to collect only when you decide to move out (this is not legal in many states). This can mean owing thousands of dollars. It’s best to agree upon this holdover rent when the initial lease is made, but most tenants don’t expect it to be a concern when they initially sign the lease. So you’ll need to get it in writing with the extension; request that an extension agreement be provided by your landlord detailing all specifics of the new term, especially what rent will be during these extension or holdover months. This document should also include the length of the extension, the monthly payments, unaffected obligations under the lease and the binding effect.

How We've Crafted Our Early Rental Release Letter

General Outline of The Letter Requesting a Lease Extension From a Landlord

Follow the letter structure here along with our paragraph explanations below. This type of request to your landlord is fairly straightforward but making sure all the required pieces are in place is still important.

Specific Dates + Business Formatting + Professional Tone = QUALITY

  • Letter Head
  • Certified Mail Return Receipt
  • Date
  • Landlord Name & Address
  • Re: Request For Lease Extension
  • Purpose of letter(e.g. request to extend my lease, lease extending request, etc.); lease ending date, extension desired length/date
  • Explain why desirable for both parties; save money; save time looking for new tenant
  • Indicate that no changes be made to the lease agreement and/or that a lease extension agreement document be made.
  • Request written acceptance; thank your landlord
  • Signature

Your Letter To Renew Lease Contents

How We Write Our Lease Extension Letter

The Basics

A lease extension letter should be structured as business correspondence. Your name and address at the top followed by the date. Use a formal salutation (Dear Mr./Mrs Landlord) and don’t indent paragraphs, leave a space between paragraphs instead.

The Introduction

Open by introducing yourself with your name and rental unit location. Next, clearly state your reason for this letter: extending your lease, request for a lease extension, 1 month lease extension request, etc. You may also want to state the initial lease start and end dates for clarity.

The Body

While our letter simplifies extending a rental lease and only includes the desired end date of occupancy the following advice is useful for crafting a more specific letter.

Reference the lease as to the lease duration or end date and request that it be extended for a specific period of time or on a month to month basis, as your situation dictates. If necessary state that you’ve fulfilled your lease agreement without problems or issues and provide a reason as to why you need a lengthened stay. You may wish to remind him or her of your track record as a tenant, your timely rental payments, and/or your assisting him by not having to advertise and locate a new tenant for an extended period of time.

Usually a formal lease extension agreement(or lease renewal letter), a binding document for the extension, needs to be written up by your landlord. Having this agreement, with the details that work best for you, can protect you later on from the ambiguities that can arise in a verbal agreement that also has no legal standing. Request this from your landlord or schedule a time you can meet to discuss such an agreement and the key elements that need to be included such as the length of the extension, the monthly payments, unaffected obligations under the lease and the binding effect.

The Closing

Thank your landlord for extending you this opportunity and convey your sincere desire to continue as a quality tenant that takes care of his holdings. Request a written acceptance with a date and time to finalize the new lease extension.

Print your name, sign and write your address.

Send the letter certified return receipt requested and keep a copy for your file. All discussion with your landlord should be in formal writing with copies made in order to be prepared for any future developments that could arise.

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