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The Importance of The Early Rental Release Letter

Breaking a lease requires written notice to the landlord and can be tricky to write. A letter to release from a lease agreement early, as with all contract related interactions with a landlord, needs to be formalized and well written, containing the necessary sections and terms for complete, official, closure. If any type of dispute occurs later on, a more frequent occurrence than most imagine, this provides a record of proof of the early request to be released from the current lease. And as the renter is trying to be released from a financial obligation without any penalty, a professionally written letter is a necessity.

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Lease Termination Letter FAQs

Finding a Replacement Tenant

Breaking Your Rental Lease – What You Need To Know

When renters break their lease they are liable for any remaining rent due. A landlord generally has a duty to mitigate these losses by trying to find a new tenant. However, even if the landlord finds a new tenant renters are still be liable for any rent lost and any costs associated with finding that new tenant. Obviously something unforeseen has come up that is causing the need to move out early, but give your landlord as much notice as possible. Renters should try to find a tenant on their own that is acceptable to the landlord, this way no further rent would be owed and the security deposit will be returned. The goal is to try and get a new tenant replacement and if that isn’t possible to ask the landlord for release from any and all obligations under the terms of the lease.

The HomeTitan Layout For An Early Rental Release Letter

The HomeTitan Letter To Break Your Lease Early

Notifying your landlord that you need to end your lease should be done with a professional, but cordially written letter with the required business elements necessary in case of any unforeseen circumstances in the future. To get the best chance of successfully breaking your lease we’ve incorporated the key elements:

  • Proper tone
  • Professional formatting
  • Usage of the correct legal terms
  • The key details your landlord needs to see

How We've Crafted Our Early Rental Release Letter

The HomeTitan Early Rental Release Letter

The Letter Basics

An early rental release letter is business correspondence and needs to be structured as such, with the name and address at the top  (basically creating your own letterhead) followed by the date. Below that we’ve  included the following lines; Certified Mail Return Receipt, Date, Re: Ending My Lease Agreement Early (or something similar), landlord name and address. Remember, this date is very important as it states when you formally stated your lease termination request, and can be used later if the landlord refuses to release you and does nothing to mitigate any rental loss. As with any letter we’ve opened the letter with a formal salutation, Dear Mr./Mrs Landlord. Breaking paragraphs up with a space between them provides a more readable style rather than indentations for each paragraph.

The Introduction

When opening the letter, even though your name and address is written above, it’s important to repeat it, or reference it, for clarity. Next is space for clearly explaining your reason for writing. You need to specifically use an RE: header such as: lease termination, notice of lease cancellation, or ending my lease agreement early.  You want to state the initial lease signing date, the ending date of your lease and when you will be moving out.

The Letter Body

The reason that you must leave before the end of your lease term should come towards the beginning of the letter. A serious, unavoidable, reason that is beyond your control will have the best results. It’s a great idea to apologize and offer to cooperate and assist in finding a new tenant to fill the rental unit.

Ask that you be released without any further liability or penalty due to the unforeseen circumstances and your early notice to him or her.

Explain how you will be handling utilities. Will you be having the utilities shut off at specified dates? Perhaps the landlord would like you to transfer bills to him or to an incoming tenant? You might want to check your lease which may have stipulated what happens to utilities. If it’s up to you, include the dates you’ll be stopping utility function, which is helpful for your landlord with showings.

Arrange a walk-through date and time to inspect for any damage, as opposed to the regular wear and tear that has occurred. Indicate the days and times you are available for this walk through or ask him for dates. Breaking your lease early is one instance where you may have to forfeit your security deposit, but you still want to protect yourself from any damage claims. If a walk-through is impossible then just before you leave be sure to take photos (a digital camera usually dates the photographs which can be very handy) of every room and major piece of equipment/appliance in the rental unit.

The Letter Closing

Include a phone number in case of any unforeseen circumstances or indicate that you will call to follow up with your landlord. Sign the letter and send it by certified mail return receipt so you can confirm receipt and use it later if necessary.

The Key Points

Key Points To Remember With When Breaking a Lease

The Early Rental Release Letter Points To Remember
  • Include Key Dates of Entry & Departure
  • Offer assistance to find a new tenant
  • Take Photos if necessary
  • Keep copies
  • Sign & Date the letter

Renter Testimonials For The HomeTitan Lease Termination Letter

Michelle A. Sleepy Hollow, New York
Wow, that was easy! Didn’t even need the letter instructions, just typed in my info, but thanks!
Travis S. Ocala, Florida
My landlord pretended not to receive it. Including the Return Receipt Requested text in the letter had him nailed!
Brian H. Gainseville, Texas
Thanks you guys, I was puzzled about the best way to write this and your sample letter was exactly what I was looking for.



Use The HomeTitan Letter For Breaking a Lease

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